Arrythmias in Women: Diagnosis and Management

10 Ott 2014

​Sex differences in arrhythmias is not a new concept. Yet rarely do you see it mentioned in textbooks—even the comprehensive electrophysiology ones. A book devoted to this subject is certainly needed. In the foreword of Arrhythmias in Women: Diagnosis and Management, Sharonne Hayes points out that until recently there was a paucity of data to help physicians make clinical decisions when treating women with arrhythmias. More recently, sex-specific, evidence-based information has become available as a result of research initiatives. The purpose of this book is to get the message out, and it has succeeded in that regard. The editors are Yong-Mei Cha and Margaret Lloyd from Mayo Clinic, as well as Ulrika Birgersdotter-Green from UC San Diego. The authors are all women, with the exception of one. They are all leaders in the field of electrophysiology and have themselves made significant contributions to our knowledge of sex-based arrhythmia differences.

Book review Circulation 2014

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