Sull'onda della salute

Onda is the National observatory for women and gender’s health

Since 2005 we have been promoting a gender-oriented approach to health, with a special focus on women.
We spread correct information to the population in order to promote primary prevention, early diagnosis and therapeutic adherence.
We collaborate with an extensive network of Bollini Rosa awarded hospitals, that pay a particular attention to women’s health. We communicate with central and regional Institutions, highlighting the main critical issues and equality of access to healthcare.
Our work has always been based on networking: scientific societies, patients’ associations and media are involved in our projects.

We have been promoting Bollini Rosa since 2007

Bollini Rosa are a tool to acknowledge Italian hospitals, both public and private, that offer a range of services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies that affect mostly women.

Our tools

Beside more traditional instruments, such as surveys, events, scientific and informative publications, Onda relies on more innovative tools, in the area of new technologies and internet.


Research activities aimed to explore specific gender-related health topics or diseases.


Informative publications that allow the population to access equitable information regarding health topics.


We organise conferences, press conferences, webinars and digital events to promote gender medicine.


We set up customised digital campaigns to strengthen our relationships.

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