Digital Campaigns

Our digital Campaigns

The Onda Foundation combines its traditional tools (surveys, books, publications and events) with innovative technologies and the Internet. These happen in conjunction with our now usual lobbying campaigns with a cross-party group of Italian MPs.

Onda organises virtual events and webinar with advanced video-conference systems, aimed at promoting health. Onda interacts with health facilities, companies and institutions promoting gender medicine and other important themes on its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter).
In particular, Onda launches visual campaigns targeted at different audiences with stories and instagram stories, live videos and video interviews with experts and medical consultants who share their experience and knowledge.
Onda also runs direct and personalised mail campaigns addressed to contacts on its database to promote projects and strengthen Onda’s relationship with its stakeholders. Onda also creates small websites and personalised packages that use innovative technologies (augmented reality, kinect, digital signage and touch apps) to express complex concepts in new ways.  


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