Our mission? To advance gender-specific care

Fondazione Onda is the national observatory of women’s health and gender-specific care.
Founded in Milan in 2005 by professionals already active in promoting a gender-specific approach in medicine, it gradually gathered the support of well-known doctors, scientists and academics, who have become members of the company’s Board of Directors, the Honours Committee, the Scientific and Technical Committee, and the Advisory Boards of the Projects Bollini Rosa and Bollini RosaArgento. 

Our aim is to promote and raise awareness of gender-specific medicine among institutions, the national healthcare system, and among scientists and academics, and thus ensure women’s right to health as envisioned in the principles of gender equality. 

In spite of the recent interest on the role played by the natural biological differences between men and women in the progression and recurrence of diseases, choice of treatment and outcome, and their effect on metal and physical wellbeing, many studies have outlined how women are still at a disadvantage. Although they generally live longer then men, women are more prone to develop illnesses, and thus spend more years of their lives in poor health. Women also access the national healthcare system more often and consume more drugs. 

What we do

Onda develops numerous projects in various fields, and focuses on communicating in a coordinated and effective way with all relevant parties: from state institutions, professional bodies, healthcare facilities, universities, to the media, the general population and patient groups. 

We involve and sensitize institutions at a local and national level, with the aim of encouraging actions that benefit women’s health and gender-specific care. We promote awareness and provide the general public with professional knowledge in regards to the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases. We believe that knowledge empowers individuals to make the best choices regarding their health. We encourage networking and synergy, and thus create through our projects positive competition among healthcare facilities to improve the quality and accessibility of health services. 


Legal Responsibility 

According to the Italian Law n. 124/2017, starting in 2018 non-profit organisations that receive public subsidies or economic benefits from public authorities, must publish this information on their website each year, before or on February 28th.



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