Fondazione Onda organises conferences, press conferences and events to promote and raise awareness of gender medicine and its different themes.

These are paired with informative campaigns, dissemination of scientific knowledge and technical discussions that allow a direct dialogue between institutions, the health sector, the media, patients and the general public. The themes debated vary from cardiovascular diseases, mental health, to pregnancy and birth and the progressive aging of the population.
The annual Scientific Congress is accredited by ECM (The National Committee of Continuing Medical Education) and involves medical consultants and GPs. The Congress confirms Onda’s importance in this field thanks to its multidisciplinary structure and its involvement of well-known medical professionals.
It targets in particular doctors at hospitals with Bollini Rosa, who for different reasons choose to supplement their specialty with a holistic approach.
Below are themes discussed in the last editions:
I Edition 2017: Women’s health: the most impactful pathologies to affect women, from specialties to an interdisciplinary approach.
II Edition 2018:  Women and relationships after the fertile years. Changing health: prevention, lifestyle and frailty.
III Edition 2019: Do young people look after themselves? Prevention for better future health.
IV Edition 2020: New diagnosis and therapies in the age of Covid-19 – How to promote them according to gender and age.

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