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What we do

The Onda Foundation collaborates with political bodies that are committed to monitor and inform policy-making in support of gender-specific care.
Onda aims at sensitising national, regional and local institutions, which can positively impact political decisions that affect specific pathologies or themes related to gender medicine.

The Onda Foundation works with cross-party groups of Italian MPs and members of the Senate, who are part of the committees Hygiene and Health and Social Affairs. Onda consults these groups on themes that affect women’s health, to understand the actions the government is undertaking on these issues, and bring to their attention the specific needs of patients and medical professionals.
Among the themes that are addressed in these meetings is the recognition of gender medicine and the acknowledgment and promotion of those hospitals that are particularly attentive towards women’s health and of care homes committed to the well being of their residents. The involvement of women during clinical trials, prevention strategies, initiatives against violence and abuse, mental health, oncology, cardiology and rheumatology are also discussed.
This section gathers the projects promoted by the Onda Foundation in collaboration with public institutions, the programs of our technical discussion panels and institutional events organised by Onda.

Onda’s projects for institutions

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