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Our regional Antennas are conceived as a tool to tackle the strong differences between regional healthcare systems in Italy. Thanks to the Antennas Onda can better understand and tackle different regional needs.

The role of the regional Antennas is to spread Onda’s image throughout Italy, support and promote its initiatives and collect information on the different needs of the population and communicate them to Onda’s main office in Milan.

Our regional Antennas support Onda in achieving its institutional objectives and promote womem’s health at every stage of life. They are composed from one to a maximum of five members. The Antennas focus on six main areas:


The Antennas act as a point of contact to receive alerts and requests from those that reside in a particular region. Their role entails:

  • Responding promptly to any request received through Onda.
  • Gathering data and information on issues that particularly affect a region.


  • They report to Onda any request for data.
  • They prepare periodical reports with initiatives that they have carried out and information that they have gathered.


The Antennas can suggest ideas and initiatives in line with Onda’s objectives.

Networking/Communication with Institutions

The regional Antennas are encouraged to communicate with local institutions by:

  • Keeping track of local initiatives that focus on women’s health and when possible participating as representatives of Onda.
  • Maintaining communication with local institutions and organisations with similar objectives to Onda.

Contacts with Bollini Rosa and Bollini RosaArgento

The regional Antennas can support Onda by promoting its initiatives that raise awareness of the most impactful pathologies that affect women. These are held at hospitals with Bollini Rosa, and are also aimed at increasing communication between healthcare facilities. The Antennas can also contribute at promoting initiatives at care and nursing homes with Bollini RosaArgento.

Contacts with local media

Among the responsibilities of the Antennas is communicating with local media in order to boost the outreach of Onda’s projects in every region. The Antennas consults Onda before engaging with local media.


Antenne regionali
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Benedetta Cerasani

Sabina Gallina

Tommaso Fabrizio


Curriculum Vitae

Lucia Altucci


Curriculum vitae

Manuela Cuconato


Curriculum Vitae

Maria Grazia Modena

Carla Ciampalini

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Curriculum vitae


Maria Antonietta Nosenzo

Chirurgo Senologo, Casa di Cura Humanitas San Pio X, Milano

Curriculum vitae

Viola Erdini

Piemonte Curriculum Vitae

Laura Ferrara


Curriculum vitae

Antonietta Ancona

Rita Roberta Fella

Giovanna Spatari

Pinuccia Musumeci

Camilla Callegaro

Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige

Curriculum vitae

Giuseppina Liuzzi

Giuseppina Liuzzi

Maria Benedetta Donati

Lucia Pelusi

Friuli Venezia-Giulia

Curriculum vitae

Marina Bortul

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Curriculum vitae

Claudia Zerbinati

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